Caddy Printing is Now on Ariba.

Order all Comerica items by logging in to Ariba via the Commerce link on Connect.

If you need assistance with Ariba, contact:

Commerce Client Support

248.371-5100 or 800.242.5649

Select option 5

Caddy Printing has partnered with Comerica to enable print buying on Ariba. All Comerica employees must begin their orders on Ariba, and will then “punch out” to Caddy’s online ordering site.

This cutting-edge integration brings unparalleled efficiency and ease to the print procurement experience. With Ariba as the centralized platform for initiating orders, Comerica employees can access a range of printing services provided by Caddy Printing, all while benefiting from Ariba’s streamlined purchasing capabilities.

By leveraging Ariba’s procurement system, Comerica can now efficiently manage their print buying, streamline approvals, and track order status seamlessly. Gone are the days of cumbersome processes and multiple platforms. With this partnership, Comerica and Caddy Printing are setting a new standard for collaborative and tech-savvy print solutions.

Caddy Printing’s online ordering site further enhances the experience with its intuitive interface and comprehensive range of printing options. From business cards and stationery to large-format prints and promotional materials, Comerica employees can easily customize their orders, confident in the exceptional quality and reliability Caddy Printing consistently delivers.

This strategic alliance signifies a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Comerica’s decision to partner with Caddy Printing speaks volumes about the trust and confidence placed in Caddy’s ability to meet and exceed expectations.

Together, Caddy Printing and Comerica are shaping the future of print buying by harnessing the power of technology and collaboration. The combination of Ariba’s efficiency and Caddy Printing’s expertise promises to deliver a truly streamlined and delightful print procurement experience for Comerica employees.

If you are a Comerica employee experiencing any problems with Ariba or punch out / punch back, please contact the number or email above.

8 a.m. – 3 p.m. ET, Monday – Friday